Wateen Speed Test

There are many different ways to measure your internet speed. If you want to know how fast your internet connection is, you can test it with a tool like Wateen Speed Test Online. Our free speed test will run for 5 minutes and measure both upload and download speeds. You’ll also get the results in seconds per megabyte (seconds/MB) – that’s how long it would take to download or upload 1MB of data.
Now that you know what Wateen Speed Test Online does, let’s show you how to use it!

Wateen Speed Test Online

How to Wateen Speed Test Online?

The ISPs in Pakistan are all very slow. If you want to know how slow your internet is, then this post is for you. Here, we will introduce the Wateen Speed Test Online tool that will help you test your internet speed and compare it with other ISPs in Pakistan. It’s very easy to use if you follow the steps below:

1) Click on “Speed Test”
2) Wait for the page to load
3) Click “Start Test”
4) You will then see a map of Pakistan with different circles representing speeds from 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps
5) Find out what circle your Internet connection falls into and share it with others who might be interested in knowing their internet speed!

Wateen is a provider of high-speed internet, Pay TV and Mobile services to residential and business customers in Pakistan. We deliver the world’s fastest broadband speeds to your home with our fiber network. We also offer cutting-edge video content on demand with our Video on Demand service.

We know you need a connection that is reliable and fast, so we provide a range of plans that fit your needs. You can choose from a speed tier that offers the internet speeds you want at an affordable price. All of our plans come with additional features like free installation and Wi-Fi points for your home or office.

Our service providers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you set up your account or resolve any technical issues you might experience on our network. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


There are a lot of ways to measure the speed of your internet connection. You can easily test your internet with an online speed test, or you can use a service like Speedtest.net. But what do the numbers mean?

To find out, we have put together a quick guide that will break it all down for you. To start, there are two standard measurements for internet speed: download and upload. Download is how quickly you can access information from a website or file,

while upload is how quickly you can send data to a site or file. The more megabits per second (Mbps) your connection has, the faster your downloads and uploads will be. If you want to make sure that your connection lives up to its full potential, go here for more information on how to get more megabits per second!

Everyone has experienced the struggle of finding an available, fast internet connection.
There are many different factors that affect how slow your internet is. From where you live to what type of device you’re using, there are plenty of things that can slow down your connection.

But don’t worry! We have a solution for all of your speed problems!
Wateen is the first and only company to offer you unlimited bandwidth on all devices at any time. Wateen offers speeds up to 500Mbps which is enough for the most demanding user. With Wateen’s easy sign-up, you can get full access to our service in minutes without a contract! Ready to start surfing the web faster? Get started today by clicking here!